Cathleen Wilder
Laughing Spirit Music Project

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Articles by Cathleen

  • Naked Before the World: Overcoming Performance Anxiety, Cathleen Wilder
  • Tone Deaf or Pitch Challenged? Rethinking the Concept of 'Tone Deafness', Cathleen Wilder
  • Vocal Health, Cathleen Wilder
  • Articles on Singing for Health and Joy

  • Seattle Times Article on Choral Singing With List of Northwest Regional Choirs (October, 2006).
  • "A Place in the Choir". Terrific Yes! magazine article on singing to change the world.
  • Books

    Freeing the Natural Voice. Kristen Linklater. Practical method for unlearning the physical and psychological habits that typically inhibit our voices. (Developed from her work with professional actors.)

    The Rock and Roll Singer's Survival Manual. Mark Baxter.
    An excellent book for any style of singer. Covers technique, performance skills and the mental aspects of being a singer.

    Song and Silence: Voicing the Soul. Susan Elizabeth Hale. A beautifully written, inspiring book on healing the cultural estrangement from our own voices.

    The Structure of Singing. Richard Miller. The most current, accurate and readable book that I know of on vocal technique. Recommended for those with a strong background in voice or physiology.

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