Cathleen Wilder, Voice Teacher
Laughing Spirit Music Project

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Workshops and Classes

Experience the JOY yourself! Take a class or sponsor a workshop now!

I currently teach classes locally through Apple Mountain Music, UNM continuing education and through my home studio in Albuquerque.

I am also available to bring my workshops and classes to communities, choirs, churches, retreat centers and private gatherings anywhere in the world. Workshops can be tailored to meet half-day, full day, weekend and week-long formats. For details, write:

How To Sing In The Shower
Voice From the Inside Out
Joy of Harmony
Voice Performance Monthly Class

How to Sing in the Shower

If you can talk, you can sing! This fun, supportive and highly informative workshop is a great opportunity to sing your favorite songs while learning key skills that will help you sing your best. Together we will:

  • Examine the myth of tone deafness
  • Explore the role of energy, movement and breath in freeing our voices
  • Explore the positive role of singing in our & confront the obstacles that deprive many of us of that joy
  • Get silly,dance around, make weird faces, and break taboos
  • Learn exercises to develop vocal control: breath support, range and projection
  • Sing songs together and (optional) perform them for each other
  • Discuss strategies for reducing and managing performance anxiety
  • Learn how to hold your own on harmonies
  • Get tips for memorizing songs
  • The Voice From the Inside Out

    A fun, supportive, hands-on vocal technique intensive for beginning and intermediate singers of all styles. Topics include: breath-support, range, registers and passaggio (chest voice, head voice and the transition between them), agility, legato, tone quality, discovering your voice type and transposing songs to fit your voice well, and choral technique verses solo technique. Solo opportunities are encouraged (but not required) for one-on-one feedback with the instructor.

    Joy of Harmony

    Experience the joys of singing harmony together!

    * Upgrade your musical "operating system" with skill-building exercises to learn parts faster, hold your part easier, hear your place in the chord better and tune more precisely.

    * Learn rounds and two- and three- part harmonies to traditional songs

    * Sing in large and small groups, as well as duos and trios (as desired)

    * Discover the secrets to improvising harmonies

    * Learn quickly in this fun, supportive environment

    * Examine the life-lessons inherent in the harmony making process, including greater self trust and deepening community connections.

    A general ability to carry a tune is required. No music reading ability needed; emphasis is on learning by ear. Great for friends, couples and families with children 12 and up!

    Voice Performance Monthly Class

    Come join us monthly for an opportunity to hone your performance skills! This fun, supportive class is perfect for beginning and intermediate singers of all styles. Class size is very liminted so everyone has time to perform two songs. This class is taught through my home studio only.