Cathleen Wilder, Voice Teacher
Laughing Sprit Music Project

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Skype (live online) lessons

Study with this one-of-a-kind teacher no matter where you live!

"I would highly recommend Cathleen for anyone, professional or not, who wishes to discover their voice. I can't think of money better spent than on Cathleen's singing lessons and can honestly say I look forward to my weekly Skype lessons, and embrace the journey I am on with her."

~ Layla K. Singer-songwriter, Skype student, London, England

The technology for Skype lessons is free and easy to both set up and use and I am happy to provide technical support. You will need a high-speed internet connection and a webcam as well as a private spot with good lighting for your lesson.

The cost for a one hour Skype lesson is $60 USD, payable in advance by Paypal (or credit card in the US). Feel free to call or write for further information.


* 8 one-hour lessons: $400. ($80 savings)

* 5 one-hour lessons $250 ($50 savings)

January Packages must be purchased by January 31, 2018. Package good for one year. No refunds. Gift Certificates Available. Allow seven business days from order to arrival.