Cathleen Wilder
Laughing Spirit Music Project

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Cathleen Wilder works with all levels and styles of singers and speakers.

Private lessons with Cathleen are a focused route to your musical and vocal goals. Her teaching style is challenging, fun and highly effective. She places special emphasis on helping students understand how their body works to produce sound, since this is where vocal control comes from. Cathleen also integrates rhythm, movement, ear-training, anatomy and style development into lessons as needed.

Besides sheer enjoyment, Cathleen's primary goal is to foster each student's creativity and expressivity as directly and effectively as possible, as well as to give students insights into their learning process. In addition, like any art, the discipline of vocal study often leads to lessons that are valuable in all areas of life.

Cathleen tailors her work to meet the needs and desires of each student. Students who have benefitted from her work include:

  • teens and adult beginners of any style
  • intermediate and advanced singers of most styles, including: blues, rock, jazz, funk, country, follk and musical theatre
  • choral singers
  • singer-songwriters wanting to explore their unique voice and style
  • singers needing vocal rehabilitation
  • advanced or professional singers and groups seeking technical trouble-shooting or performance-polishing
  • individuals wanting to deepen or enhance their musical or vocal expression
  • recording artists needing a second pair of ears (musical producer)

    "I got it! I got it!" Thank you for your brilliant coaching!" Harold L., student

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