Cathleen Wilder
Laughing Spirit Music Project

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About: Bio

Cathleen Wilder is the founder of the Laughing Spirit Music Project and originator of the popular workshop, How to Sing in the Shower. Originally a folk singer/songwriter, she holds a Masters of Music in Voice Performance from the University of Oregon and has sung with the Oregon Bach Festival, the San Francisco Symphony, the Eugene Chamber Singers and the Eugene Opera as well as folk venues such as Sam Bond's Garage, the Hopvine and Northwest Folklife.

A dynamic, fun and inspiring teacher, her uniquely effective style draws from a variety of disciplines (including, yoga, dance, world music, psychology and spirituality) as well as over twenty years of performance and teaching experience. Cathleen is known for her playful, holistic, non-judgemental teaching style as well as her laser-like ability to diagnose singers' specific needs and to provide tangible solutions that lead to immediate and lasting benefits.

Cathleen's teaching is valued by people from all walks of life, seasoned performers and closet singers alike. Her workshops and clinics have been enjoyed at Seattle Folklife, the Seattle World Rhythm Festival, Willamette Valley Folk Festival and by numerous community and church choirs, including: the Center for Spiritual Living's Choir of Light, the Sacred Fire Choir, Seattle Labor Chorus and the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Community Chorus.

About: Endorsements

I feel blessed to have attended your workshop. Your supportive teaching style facilitates what some I'm sure would call miraculous results. You are a truly gifted teacher.

~ Anne Arquette, How to Sing in the Shower Participant

We had a fantastic experience. I suspect this experience will have a lifelong impact on me. I am renewed, reinvigorated, and re-energized. I have gained incredible insight and self-awareness, not to mention self-confidence and self actualization.

~ Neal Lemery, How to Sing in the Shower Participant

Being in class with you has opened me up to an entirely new relationship with my was like taking the blinders off and seeing the world in stunning color!

I just enjoy singing so much more now! And as you saw, I got up the courage to sing in front of the class, at last. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

~ Sharon Lawrence, Singers' Saturday Participant

Cathleen's diagnostic powers are amazing. She quickly and accurately identifies limiting factors and guides the singers' perceptions to the solutions.

~Val Rogers, Director, Eugene Peace Choir

Knowledgeable, focused, open, supportive, present, charismatic: in short, a dynamite teacher...Bravo!

~ K. Levine, Voice From the Inside Out Participant

You bring joy to the world.

~ Barb Ingram, Joy of Harmony Participant

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